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NIC NABARANGPUR BUILDING, Collectorate, Nabarangpur

      The National Informatics Centre is a high priority plan project of Govt. of India was setup in 1977 with a long term objective of setting up informatics culture for decision support to the Government / Ministries / Departments and development of database relating to India’s socio-economics development and monitoring of plan programmes. From 1985-86, NIC has extended its informatics support services to state and district Administrations and signed memorandum of understanding with all the State Governments / UTs or the Union of India. At present NIC is under the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India.

       The National Informatics Centre, Nabarangpur has become operational from March 1997. It provides informatics support to the District Administration and other State and Central Government Offices since its inception.


The main objective of the District Unit, Nabarangpur are:
  • Development of necessary and appropriate information system / databases in various sections.
  • Promoting informatics culture at District level.
  • Improvement of the analytical capacity and quality presentation of statistics utilized for decision making / district planning.
  • Establishment of Computer network with necessary communication equipments for ensuing reliable, timely and accurate information enabling optimal use of resources
  • Providing extensive training / re-training to Govt. personnel and NIC users.
  • To provide the best quality service to the district administration.


The NIC ,District Unit, Nabarangpur has been provided with the following infrastructure at present.

HARDWARE: One Xeon Server, Two AMD Client, One P IV Client, Three Pentium III (node), One Pentium III (Server), One Laptop, One Laser Printer,Two Dot Matrix Printers,One MFP, One Scanner, Two D-Link Hub, One CD Writer, One 5KVA UPS, One 2 KVA UPS, One 1 KVA UPS , One 1.5 ton Air-conditioner.

SOFTWARE: Windows 2000 professional, Windows 2000 server, MS Office XP Professional, Microsoft 2000 professional, SQL Server 2000, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2003, Linux, Macromedia Package, Adobe Package.

Connectivity: SCPC DAMA V SAT , Gilat Skystar 360-E VSAT & 2Mbps Leased Line for Video Conferencing and Internet Connectivity

Video ConferenceServices

NIC, Nabarangpur has equipped with Video Conferencing facility which would be accessible to all NICNET users. NIC, Nabarangpur provides very high speed voice & data transfer.



VSAT stands for “ Very Small Aperture Terminal” and refers to “ receive/ transmit” terminals installed at dispersed sites connecting to a central HUB via satellite using small diameter antenna dishes. VSAT technology represents cost effective solution for user of seeking an independent communication network connecting to a large no of geographically dispersed site. And also connectivity is provided through 2Mbps Leased Line.

The range of Internet services includes:

  • Electronics Mail (E-Mail)

  • WWW browsing

  • File Transfer Facility



Objective (Block level Computerisation): To acquaint the block level staff with new technology.

Each of the 10 blocks of the district has been provided with computers, UPS and Printer.

  • Installation of necessary packages & software.
  • Development Of Different Block level Software.
  • Regular training to the blocks level staffs to acquaint them with computer, different packages & software.

List of Software implemented for various offices of the district

User Departments
Payroll System
Collectorate & Sub Collectorate
Rainfall MIS
Emergency Section
e-SwalpaSanchaya (
Small Saving Section
BPL Information System
Village Index Card System
Poor allevation programme inf. System
Land Record project
All Tahasil

Election Software (randomnisation of polling personnel)

District Election Section
Recruitment of Sikshya Sahayak
Zilla Parishad
Agriculture Market Information System (
Grievance Cell Monitoring System
Election information system (GP 3tier election)
District Panchayat Office.
PlanPlus (
National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) (
Social Welfare Section
Paddy Procurement ,Rice Reciving, Daily Reporting etc..
Civil Supply Section
Consumer Forum
Patient Registration

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