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Circle Inspector of Schools

An overview of the Education in District
 Objective: The present Inspector of Schools, Jeypore Education Circle got its identity as an independent Education Circle with effect from 30-06-1990 after bifurcated from Koraput Education Circle, Koraput. Now the Inspector of Schools, Jeypore Circle, Jeypore covers Jeypore Sub-division of Koraput Revenue District, Nabarangpur Revenue District and Malkangiri Revenue District.

          The main object of the Inspector of Schools is to look after the overall development of academic and administrative angle of Secondary Education of students in between the age group of 11 to 15 years.

           Secondly, to provide higher Education at secondary level in different faculties (Subjects).

            Thirdly, to enhance the basic knowledge of the students coming out from Elementary stage of Education and giving them boosts by experienced and skilled teachers.

             Fourthly, to see how to build the carrier and to ventilate the students providing them various exposures.

              Last but not the least is to provide basic knowledge at Secondary level of education and to create a study atmosphere so as to enable a student to stand in his own feet.

Activities : Objective and activity are the two sides of  a same coin so far as Secondary Education is concerned.  Activities means to provide minimum basic needs to a student and the school where he/she prosecutes his/her study.  In this connection the following components are made available.

1)Preparation of syllabus for the students.

2) Development of health, Games and sports activities.

3)Development of mental skill, different types of debates,Quiz & Seminars giving them exposures to different subjects of educational aspects.

4)  Development of spiritual side Yoga, Pranayam and mythological books are supplied through Library.

5) To enhance knowledge in the field of Science, different Science Exahibition and seminar at School & Circle level are held.

6)  To enhance a sense of National sprit activities likes Scout & Guide, J.R.C. and Civil defense as well as N.C.C. wings are opened.

7) In order secures better result at the High School Certificate Examination extra remedial classes are being conducted in School level.

8) Orientation programme  on different subjects like Adolecent, Traffic rolls, Health & first Aids are imparted.

9)To created an environmental programme awareness like Plantation, conservation of forest through Eco-Club are provided.

10) Concentration is given towards capacity development of teachers by sending them to various places on different subjects.

11) Steps to create an atmosphere of traditional heritage programmes like cultural handicrafts and costumes are taken into task.

                               No.of High Schools in the Block with address
SL NO Name of the Mpl/NAC/Block Name of the High School with address      (except SC/ST Dev. Deptt.)
1 Nabarangpur Mplty 01) R.C.D. High School,Nabarangpur
      At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur
Nabarangpur Mplty 02) Govt.Girls' High School, Nabarangpur
       At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur
Nabarangpur Mplty 03) J.E.L.C. High School, Nabarangpur
       At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur
                              Nabarangpur Mplty 04) Municipal High School, Nabarangpur
       At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur
2 Umerkote N.A.C
05) S.S. Govt. High School, Umerkote
      At/Po.Umerkot, Dist. Nabarangpur
Umerkote N.A.C. 06) Govt.Girls' High School, Umerkote
      At/Po.Umerkot, Dist. Nabarangpur
3 Nabarangpur Block 07) Rajib Gandhi High School, Jambaguda
Nabarangpur Block 08) Mahadev High School, Bikrampur
      At/Po. Bikrampur,Dist.Nabarangpur
Nabarangpur Block 09) Maha Bhairabi High School, Tonda
Nabarangpur Block 10) Govt.(New) High School, Taragam  At/Po.Taragam, Dist.Nabarangpur
Nabarangpur Block 11) Jalinimata High School, Sanamasigam
      At/Po. Sanamasigam, Dist.Nabarangpur
4 Kosagumuda Block 12) Chirma High School, Chirma
   At/Po. Chirma, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 13) Bhairab High School, Motigam
      At/Po. Motigam, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 14) Panchayat High School, Temera
      At/Po.Temera, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 15) Sahadev High School, Ponduguda
   At/Po. Panduguda, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 16) S.B. High School, Rajoda
      At/Po. Rajoda, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 17) Markyas Jubili High School, Modeigam
      At/Po. Madeigam, Dist.Nabarangpur
  Kosagumuda Block 18) Beer Chaunria High School, Kottagam
      At/Po. Kottagam, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 19) Govt. High School, Kosagumuda
      At/Po. Kosagumuda, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 20) S.L.N. High School, Kukudisemla
      At/Po. Motigam, Dist.Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda Block 21) J.M. High School, B.M. Semla
      At/Po. B.M.Semela, Dist.Nabarangpur
5 Tentulikhunti Block 22) Govt. Bapuji High School, Tentulikhunti
      At/Po. Tentulikhunti, Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 23) Govt.(New) I.P.D. High School,Kukudabai
      At/Po. Kukudabai, Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 24) Govt. High School, Biriguda
      At/Po.Biriguda,Via./ Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 25) Dibya Hrudaya Girls' H/S, Tentulikhunti
      At/Po. Tentulikhunti, Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 26) Govt.(New) S.P. High School, Digisalapa
      At. Digisalpha,Po. Digi, Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 27 Gobardhan High School, Amalabhatta
      At/Po. Amlabatta,Via/ Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 28) Indravati High School, Khatiguda
      At/Po.Khatiguda,Via.Tentulikhunti Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 29) Govt.(New) High School, Anchalgumma
   At/Po.Anchalguma,Via.Tentulikhunti   , Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 30) Integral Education Centre, Khatiguda
At/Po.Khatiguda,Via.Tentulikhunti   , Dist.Nabarangpur
Tentulikhunti Block 31) Govt.(New)K.P.S. High School, Jharigumma
      At/Po Jharigumma, Dist.Nabarangpur
6 Papadahandi Block 32) Chanaria High School, Dangara
      At/Po.Dangara,Via.Papadahandi, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 33) Fakir Mohan High School, Majhiguda
  At/Po.Majhiguda,Via.Papadahandi, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 34) Govt.(New) H.Ch. High School,Tumborlla
      At/Po. Tumbarlla, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 35) S.S. High School, Mokiya
     At/Po.Mokia,Via.Papadahandi, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 36) Govt.(New) High School, Maidalpur
      At/Po.Maidalpur, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block
37) Betajharana High School, Betajharana
   At/Po.Betajharana,Via.Papadahand, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 38) Govt.(New) L.B. High School,Papadahandi
      At/Po. Motigam, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 39) Panchayat High School, Jatabal
      At/Po. Motigam, Dist.Nabarangpur
Papadahandi Block 40) Ghodamari High School, Biriguda
      At/Po.Papadahandi, Dist.Nabarangpur
7 Nandahandi Block 41) Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Nuaguda
      At.Nuaguda,Po/ Dist.Nabarangpur
  Nandahandi Block
42) Govt. (New) S.S. High School, Dahana
      At/Po.Dahana, Dist.Nabarangpur
Nandahandi Block 43) Govt. High School, Nandahandi
      At/Po.Nandahandi, Dist.Nabarangpur
8 Jharigam Block 44) Panchayat High School, Ekamba – B
    At/Po. Ekamba-B,Via.Umerkote, Dist.Nabarangpur
Jharigam Block 45) S.L.N. High School, Dhodra
    At/Po. Dhodra,Via.Umerkote Dist.Nabarangpur
Jharigam Block 46) Kodobhatta High School, Kodobhatta
At/Po. Kodovatta,Via.Umerkote Dist.Nabarangpur
Jharigam Block 47) R.D.R.Girls' High School, Palasgam
At/Po. Palasgam,Via.Umerkote Dist.Nabarangpur
Jharigam Block 48) Govt.(New) Panchayat H/S., Jharigam
At/Po. Jharigam,Via.Umerkote Dist.Nabarangpur
Jharigam Block 49)S.M.Baji High School, Bijapur
At/Po. Bijapur,Via.Umerkote Dist.Nabarangpur
Jharigam Block 50) Ex-DNK ST/SC PRT H/S., Purla
At/Po. Purla,Via.Umerkote Dist.Nabarangpur
9 Chandahandi Block 51) Sri Jagannath High School, Gambhariguda
At/Po:Gombhariguda ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block 52) Jadab Majhi Girls' High School, Mohara
At/Po:Mohora ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block 53) Khambeswari High School, Khairabhadi
At/Po:Khoirbadi ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block 54) Pendrani High School, Ankabeda At/Po:Ankabedaa ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block 55) Paten High School, Patkhalia
At/Po:Patkholia ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block 56) Maa Khaligaden High School, Tentuliapara
At/Po:Tentuliapara ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block 57) Govt.(New) Panabeda H/S., Chandahandi
At/Po: -Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Chandahandi Block
58) Bana Durga High School, Deobandha
At/Po:Deobonbdho ,Via-Chandahandi,Dist:Nabarabgpur
10 Raighar Block 59) Panchayat High School, Parchipara
At/Po:Parchipara Via-Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 60)Alekha Mahima High School, Kacharapara
At/Po:Kacharapara ,Via-Raighari,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 62) Govt. High School, Kundei
At/Po:Kundei ,Via-Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 63) Sanjukta High School, Jodinga
At/Po:Jodinga ,Via-Raighari,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 64) Netaji Subash Bose H/S., Kusumpur
At/Po Kusumpur ,Via-Raighari:,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 65) Govt. Gopabandhu H/S., Hatabharandi
At/Po:Hatbhorondi ,Via-Raighar,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 66)Govt. High School Kumuli (Raighar)
At/Po:Kumuly ,Via-Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 67) Bharsundi High School, Bharsundi
At/PoBharsundi ,Via-Raighar,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 68) Indira Gandhi High School, Dumurimunda
At/Po:Dumurimunda ,Via-Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
  Raighar Block 69) Govt. High School, Turudihi
At/Po:Turudi ,Via-Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 70) S.L.N. High School, Udayapur
At/Po:Udayapur ,Via-Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
Raighar Block 71) Rajib Smruti Girls High School, Raighar
At/Po: -Raighar ,Dist:Nabarabgpur
11 Umerkote Block 72) Kalinga High School, Badakumari
At/Po:Bodokumaari Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 73) Baba Purna Chandra H/S., Karagam
At/Po:Karagam Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 74) Maa Pendrani High School, Burja
At/Po:Burja Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 75) Sangrami Rabisingh High School, Silati
At/Po:Silati Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 76) Panchayat High School, Adhikariguda
At/Po Adhikariguda Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 77) Govt. High School, Jamurunda
At/Po:Jamrunda Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 78) Govt. High School, Murtuma
At/Po:Murtuma Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
Umerkote Block 79) Sangrami Bali Pujari H/S., Anchala
At/Po:Anchala Via-Umerkote Dist:Nabarangpur
12 Dabugam Block 80) Govt. High School, Medena
At/PO:Medena Via-Dabugam,Dist:Nabarangpur
Dabugam Block 81) Govt. (New) Panchayat H/S., Dabugam
At/PO:Dabugam Dist:Nabarangpur
Dabugam Block 82) I.S.R.D. High School, Ravanaguda
At/PO:Ravanaguda Via-Dabugam,Dist:Nabarangpur


No.of  Technical institutions in the District with address

  1. Women’s I.T.I, Umerkote
  2. At/Po.Umerkot, Dist. Nabarangpur


No.of Professional Training Colleges & Schools in the District with address

Under Nabarangpur Revenue District the following Secondary Training Schools exist

 1) Govt. Secondary Training School, Nabarangpur
              At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur

2)  Govt. Secondary Training School,Umerkote
      At/Po.Umerkot, Dist. Nabarangpur


No.of other Special Schools in the District with address

1) Jabahar Navadaya Vidyalaya, Khatiguda
      At/Po.Khatiguda, Dist.Nabarangpur


Educational Circles in the District with address

There are two Educational District under Nabarangpur Revenue District under Jeypore Education Circle which are as follows

1)  Dist.Inspector of Schools, Nabarangpur
      At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur

2)  Dist.Inspector of Schools,Umerkote
     At/Po.Umerkot, Dist. Nabarangpur


No.of D.I.of Schools with Telephone Nos with address

1)  Sri Kailash Chandra Panda, OES-II,
      D.I.of Schools, Nabarangpur
      At/Po/Dist. Nabarangpur
      Contact Phone No.  9437189861

2)  Sri Chittaranjan Sunani, OES-II,
     Dist.Inspector of Schools,Umerkote
     At/Po.Umerkot, Dist. Nabarangpur
     Contact Phone No. 9777340017 &  9437707189


Circular and Notification( Which are exclusively made by the Dist. authorities to be contributed. State Government/ Central Government circular and notification are not required.)
             No such Circular and Notification has yet been received relating to Secondary Education from the District authority.


PIOs:   In the office of the Inspector of Schools, Jeypore Circle, Jeypore      Sri Bhaskar Chandra Sahu, Science Supervisor in charge remain in charge of PIO in view of R.T.I Act.2005.


Contact details of Officers:   Dr. Dhruba Charan Parida, OES-I
                                                         Inspector of Schools,
                                                         Jeypore Circle, Jeypore
                                                         Contact Phone No. 06854 232446



Achievements relating to Secondary Education are as follows:
1)  H.S.C.Examination results has increased in comperision with
     Previous years whose comperative statement are as under



Students appeared

Students passed

% of pass
















2) Up-gradation of M.E.(U.P)Schools to the status of High Schools in   the High School less Gram Panchayats. Under Nabarangpur  Revenue District there are 169 nos of G.P’s  and during the year  2008-09, 88 number of M.E.Schools were up-graded  to the status of High Schools(85 no of Schools in G.P.level and 3 nos of Schools in N.A.C. level) and now those schools are having Class IX and X this year. With this all the G.P’s have been covered with High Schools.  

3) Establishment of Model Schools: Under Nabarangpur Revenue District steps have already  been taken to established one Model School in each Block which is under consideration

4) Hostel facilities: Most of the Recognised Un-aided High Schools have been given facilities to open Hostel for ST/SC students.

5)  Scholarship facilities:  Scholarship like NRTS, NMMS, PMS etc. are being given to the students at Secondary level.

6) Incentive to Girls students:  Provision for giving incentive to SC & ST girls students are also proposed those  who are reading in Class IX.

7) Enrolment of Students: Students enrolment has increased during the academic session 2009-10 with that of 2008-09.  During the year, 2009-10 the total enrolment was 18678 and during the year, 2008-09 it was 16787