Nabarangpur District is predominantly an agricultural District having more than 90% of its inhabitants depending on farming for their livelihood. Due to lack of irrigation facilities the farming community in the District largely depends on rains for agriculture.


  • To increase productivity of all crops grown in the District.
  • To increase seed replacement ratio of cultivated crops.
  • To propagate information among the farmers to adopt integrated Nutrient management in different crops.
  • To educate all farmers regarding integrated pest management system.
  • To access soil fertility through soil testing.
  • Utilization of Irrigation water properly to grow more crops.
  • To use credit in cultivation of crops.
  • To accept crop insurance by the farming community.
  • Popularization of farm mechanization to combat labour shortage in agriculture sector.
  • To create irrigation potential through Jalanidhi scheme.
  • To establish Agro service centre and commercial agro enterprise to increase farm income of young people desiring to take up agriculture as professional.
  • To popularize improved methods of crop cultivation through demonstration.
  • Popularization of new varieties of crops through Minikit programme.
  • E-pest surveillance and immediate control measure of major pest and diseases timely to save further crop loss.
  • Execution of various Govt. schemes for the benefit of common farmer.
  • Execution of ATMA scheme to support state extension reforms for Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary & Fisheries.


Preparation of Annual Kharif plan., Annual Rabi plan, Seed supply, Fertiliser distribution, Enforcement in fertilizer sale, taking of SRI demonstration in paddy, Maize production Demonstration, Farmers Field school in IPM, Sugarcane Production, Pulse Production, oilseed Production, Ragi Production, Distribution of Minikits, Pest and disease identification and their control measures.

Sale of P.P. Chemicals, P.P. Equipments, Pump sets, Tractors, Power tillers, Power operated implements, Paddy Reaper, Paddy Transplanter, Combine harvester, Bullock drawn implement at subsidized cost.

Execution of Bore well, Dug well, River lift.

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3
Paddy Maize Pulse
Paddy Maize Pulse
Paddy Paddy
Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable
Paddy Vegetable Vegetable
Paddy Groundnut
Maize Vegetable

Generally crops like Paddy, Sugarcane, Maize, Sunflower, Ground nut, pulse, Wheat and Vegetable are grown.

Maize, Sugarcane, Vegetable are the prominent crops other than paddy, however the following crops are being cultivated.

  • Paddy
  • Maize
  • Sugarcane
  • Ground nut
  • Biri
  • Mung
  • Arhar
  • Ragi
  • Seasamum
  • Other Crops

There are two govt. farms located at Dabugaon (25.58 Ha) and Umerkote. Mainly Seed production programme are being taken up in these farms during Kharif. Foundation seeds and certified seeds are produced in these farms, which are supplied to farmers through Orissa State Seed Corporation Ltd.