The District of Nabarangpur has a relatively low literate population. The District holds a higher percentage of literate male as 28.10% than literate female as 9.01Percent.
The present Inspector of Schools, Jeypore Education Circle got its identity as an independent Education Circle with effect from 30-06-1990 after bifurcated from Koraput Education Circle, Koraput. Now the Inspector of Schools, Jeypore Circle, Jeypore covers Jeypore Sub-division of Koraput Revenue District, Nabarangpur Revenue District and Malkangiri Revenue District.

(1) The main objective of the Inspector of Schools is to look after the overall development of academic and administrative angle of Secondary Education of students in between the age group of 11 to 15 years.

(2) Secondly, to provide higher Education at secondary level in different faculties (Subjects).
(3) Thirdly, to enhance the basic knowledge of the students coming out from Elementary stage of Education and giving them boosts by experienced and skilled teachers.

(4) Fourthly, to see how to build the carrier and to ventilate the students providing them various exposures.
(5) Last but not the least is to provide basic knowledge at Secondary level of education and to create a study atmosphere so as to enable a student to stand in his own feet.

Objective and activity are the two sides of a same coin so far as Secondary Education is concerned.Activities means to provide minimum basic needs to a student and to the school where he/she prosecutes his/her study. In this connection the following components are made available.

(1) Preparation of syllabus for the students.
(2) Development of health, Games and sports activities.
(3) For the development of mental skill, different types of debates, Quiz & Seminars are held giving them exposures to different subjects of educational aspects.
(4) For the development of spiritual side Yoga, Pranayam and mythological books are supplied through Library.
(5) To enhance knowledge in the field of Science, different Science Exahibition and seminar at School & Circle level are held.
(6) To enhance a sense of National sprit activities likes Scout & Guide, J.R.C. and Civil defense as well as N.C.C. wings are opened.
(7) In order to secure better result at the High School Certificate Examination extra remedial classes are being conducted in School level.
(8) Orientation programme on different subjects like Adolescence, Traffic rolls, Health & first Aids are imparted.
(9) To create an environmental programme awareness like Plantation, conservation of forest through Eco-Club are provided.
(10) Concentration is given towards capacity development of teachers by sending them to various places on different subjects.
(11) Steps to create an atmosphere of traditional heritage, programme like cultural handicrafts and costumes are taken into task.