Expenditure by Candidates

Expenditure Registers of Candidates Contesting in Simultaneous General Elections 2019 of Nabarangpur District

Expenditure Register
Sl No Name of the PC / AC Name of the Candidate Link to Download
1 12-Nabarangpur (ST) PC Sh Balabhadra Majhi Click Here
2 12-Nabarangpur (ST) PC Sh Chandradhwaj Majhi Click Here
3 12-Nabarangpur (ST) PC Sh Pradeep Majhi Click Here
4 12-Nabarangpur (ST) PC Sh Ramesh Chandra Majhi Click Here
5 73-Umerkote (ST) AC Smt Jasoda Gond Click Here
6 73-Umerkote (ST) AC Sh Lakhiram Gond Click Here
7 73-Umerkote (ST) AC Sh Nityananda Gond Click Here
8 73-Umerkote (ST) AC Sh Subash Gond Click Here
9 73-Umerkote (ST) AC Sh Sudar Bhatra Click Here
10 74-Jharigam (ST) AC Sh Prakash Chandra Majhi Click Here
11 74-Jharigam (ST) AC Sh Uldhar Majhi Click Here
12 75-Nabarangpur (ST) AC Sh Bedabyas Bhatra Click Here
13 75-Nabarangpur (ST) AC Sh Gouri Shankar Majhi Click Here
14 75-Nabarangpur (ST) AC Sh Sadan Nayak Click Here
15 75-Nabarangpur (ST) AC Sh Sadasiva Pradhani Click Here
16 76-Dabugam (ST) AC Sh Bhujabal Majhi Click Here
17 76-Dabugam (ST) AC Sh Manohar Randhari Click Here
18 76-Dabugam (ST) AC Sh Manohar Randhari Click Here