Industries and Handicrafts

Nabarangpur district is a rich treasure House of diversified agricultural resources. Geographically, the District lies on the extreme southern part of Orissa. It extends in the North and West up to Bastar District of the Chhatisgarh, in the south up to Koraput district, in the East up to Kalahandi district. The geographical area of the district is 5294 Sq. Kms. i.e. 482566.11 Hectares. The net area shown in the district is 1.86 lakhs Hectares. On the whole, the climate is sub-tropical to temperature.

Natural Resources
(1) Soil:-The district has different types of soils but broadly two types of soils are found in the district like RED and LATERITE. The soil PH is neutral to Alkaline and its salinity is normal.
(2) Minerals:-The district is endowed with significant exploitable mineral deposits like Iron ore, Quartz, China Clay and Granite.
Water Resources
The district has vast scope for exploitation of ground water as all the 10 blocks are categorized as “Safe”. There is enormous scope for exploitation of ground water through dug wells, bore wells and surface water through flow and lift irrigation projects.

Forest Resources
Above 29.23 percent of the total geographical area of the district is covered under forest. The forest area of the district is 1583.4 A large quantity of different minor forest produces resources like tamarind, Siali leaf, karanja seeds, arrow root, Kusum seeds and sal seeds, Kahua brooms, Gendulu Gums are collected by tribal and produce by LAMs, TDCC. Forestry and water land development is proposed to be given greater thrust in the district planning.